The Haryana Veterinary Vaccine Institute, Hisar is producing almost all animal vaccines to combat the dreadful infectious disease in the State. It is also supplying vaccines to the neighboring states. The Institute has been recognized by Union Government as one of the centers in the country for the supply of products of tissue culture based PPR vaccine.

Haryana Veterinary Institute Hisar is has been doing pioneer work in the production of life-saving vaccines for the valuable livestock of Haryana State and supplying these to other states also where such type of facilities are either not available or are producing under-capacity.

Institute came into existence in 1948-49 at Dagshai Campus, District Simla, (Himachal Pradesh); in the name and style of Biological Product Section, Punjab. The basic objective was to combat the challenge of two dreadful diseases namely – Rinderpest and Rabies of the livestock. The former also happened to be highly contagious one and was causing huge mortality in cattle population of the country. Previously, the farmers used to procure Anti Rabies Vaccine from CRI Kasauli, HP; the institute that was not able to meet out the demand even for the human beings.

Production of these two vaccines at this Institute not only helped to control these diseases to great extent in this state but also contributed a great role in “National Programme of Rinderpest Eradication” and finally succeeded to get rid of this disease from the country.

Then came the era when poultry farming taken up by the farmers as commercial business due to training programmes imparted by the state agricultural universities and their was huge demand for the poultry vaccines against the diseases like Ranikhet and the Fowl Pox. This institution started the production of these vaccines along with one more bacterial vaccine namely Black Quarter.

In 1957-58, institute adopted the freeze-drying technology for the production of Rinderpest and poultry vaccines, which was latest, state of art technology at that time. This could happen because of availability of latest lyophilizers from Edwards, Britain.

Institute was shifted to the beautiful campus of CCS HAU Hisar in 1961, and production of HS Oil Adjuvant Vaccine was started to control another dreadful disease of Haemorrhagic Septicemia locally known as “Gal-Ghotu”.

Later on, with the passage of time, more products like HS Alum Precipitated Vaccine, Enterotoxaemia Vaccine, Swine Fever Vaccine and Sheep Pox Vaccine were also added to the list.

Till now, this Institution was meeting out the demand for these vaccines for joint Punjab (present Haryana, Punjab and Himachal Pradesh). With the restructuring of joint Punjab, Haryana state came into existence in 1966 and in 1968-69, this institute started working with the new and present name of Haryana Veterinary Vaccine Institute, Hisar.

In the year 2004-05, this institute took up the production of PPR Vaccine for the disease prevalent in sheep and goat and test batch of this vaccine has been released and passed by IVRI, Mukteshwar. This is a Govt. of India sponsored scheme and this Institute has been entrusted to produce this vaccine for six states including Haryana.

The new building of this institution with the latest GMP standards; keeping the scope for future expansion came up at Barwala Road, 3 KM stone, NH-65, Hisar. It was inaugurated by the then Hon’ble Chief Minister, Haryana on Dec. 8, 2004. The shifting from CCS HAU Hisar Campus started on 21.10.05 and production started in the month of March 2006.

The following Vaccines are being produced at the Institute Currently:

1. Haemorrhagic Septicemia (alum ppt.)
2. Haemorrhagic Septicemia (oil adj.)
3. Enterotoxemia.
4. Black Quarter.
5. Sheep Pox.
6. Peste de petite ruminant (PPR).
7. Swine Fever.

The onus of vaccinating animals is on the field staff through a network of 2789 veterinary institutions. All the 21 districts of State are being covered (8 under FMD - CP and 13 under FMD - ASCAD program) under FMD vaccination program.