Haryana has a network of 283 Gaushalas housing more than 1.81 lac cattle. The dual-purpose breed of Hariana has been on a serious decline lately and primary reason for that include decline in the common grazing land vis-à-vis modernization of agricultural operations in the State. Further, farmers are also reluctant to rear these animals because of relatively lower production efficiency.

To bring the indigeneous cattle at par with buffaloes, systematic breed improvement programme through various organizations, especially Gaushalas in the State is being undertaken where selective breeding through natural service as well as through artificial insemination with quality semen is performed. With the creation of Haryana Livestock Development Board, there has been a boost in the breeding activities in the State. Quality Breeding bulls have been given to various Gaushalas other than providing artificial insemination facilities at their doorsteps. 22 Gaushalas have also been provided with infrastructure like Liquid Nitrogen jars and an amount of Rs. 51000/- each has been given to 96 registered Gaushalas in the year 2001-02 for strengthening their breeding infrastructure. Gaushalas have been encouraged to enhance their economic returns by not only producing quality germplasm but also other eco-friendly activities like installation of Gobar Gas Plants.

Animal Welfare Board of India has also played a significant role by providing grant-in-aid to various Gaushalas in the State from time to time. The grant by the State Government to mitigate the sufferings of drought in the year 2002-03 @ Rs. 75000/- to 147 Gaushalas was given. Similarly, the grant-in-aid by the Govt. Of India to the tune of Rs. 219.50 lacs to 102 Gaushalas under NCCF as well as Rs. 64.00 lacs by Animal Welfare Advisory Board of India to 64 Gaushalas during the year 2003-04 has contributed a lot to improve their infrastructure and productivity. Thereafter a sum of Rs. 95.25 lacs has also been given to 76 Gaushalas by Animal Welfare Board of India during the year 2005 -06.

In addition to the monetary assistance, the department provides techno advisory services to Gaushalas for health care and genetic improvement. Some of the larger Gaushalas when meet the norms for opening of a Govt. Very. Institutions have independent vety Dispensary/Hospital catering to their needs. Govt. has constituted State Animal Welfare Board, Haryana vide notification No. 142-(CAH)-AH-4-2009/2456 dated 20.02.2009.