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ix. a directory of its officers and employees;

Directory of its Officer's and employees

This information of staff posted in Directorate of Animal Husbandry & Dairying, Haryana is placed as under:-

# Name of Officer Designation Place of Posting
1. Dr. G.S.Jakhar Director General, AH&D Directorate
2. Dr. Kalpana Singh Joint Director (Animal Breeding) Directorate
3. Dr. R.M. Mor Deputy Director (Animal Welfare) Directorate
4. Dr. Prem Singh Deputy Director Ambala & Additional Charge Joint Director (Planning) Directorate
6. Dr. Raj Kumar Grover Deputy Director (Planning) Directorate
5. Dr. Kalyan Singh Deputy Director (Animal Health) Directorate
6. Dr. Mukesh Dahiya SDO (AH) HQ Directorate
7. Dr. Baljeet Singh Vety. Surgeon Directorate
8. Dr. Narender Thakral Vety. Surgeon Directorate
9. Dr. Sanjay Khokhar Vety. Surgeon Directorate
10. Dr. Sominder Singh Juneja Vety. Surgeon Directorate
11. Dr. Manisha Chauhan Vety. Surgeon Directorate
12. Dr. Sushma Yadav Vety. Surgeon Directorate
13. Anil Kumar P.S to D.G Directorate
14. Ms. Sukhwinder Kaur A.D.A. Directorate
15. Sh.Chaman Lal Sharma Accounts Officer Directorate
16. Vishal Kharb Section Officer Directorate
17. Urmil Gupta Superintendent Directorate
18. Joginder Singh Superintendent Directorate
19. Jagan Nath Superintendent Directorate
20. Renu Thakur Superintendent Directorate
21. Savita Kapoor Superintendent Directorate
22. Manjeet Kaur Superintendent Directorate
23. Naveen Kumar Dy. Superintendent Directorate
24. Sikander Singh Dy. Superintendent Directorate
25. Kuldeep Singh Dy. Superintendent Directorate
26. Gopal Krishan Dy. Superintendent Directorate
27. Narender Kumar Assistant Directorate
28. Bhag Singh Assistant Directorate
29. Sanjeev Kumar Assistant Directorate
30. Om Pal Assistant Directorate
31. Bhagwan Singh Assistant Directorate
32. Shamsher Singh Assistant Directorate
33. Dewan Singh Assistant Directorate
34. Sohan Lal Assistant Directorate
35. Hari Om Assistant Directorate
36. Tilak Raj Assistant Directorate
37. Satish Kumar Assistant Directorate
38. Nek Ram Assistant Directorate
39. Bupinder Singh Assistant Directorate
40. Suresh Kumar Assistant Directorate
41. Suman Kumari Assistant Directorate
42. Ranju Sehgal Assistant Directorate
43. Saroj Kumari Dangi Assistant Directorate
44. Mukesh Bakshi Assistant Directorate
45. Sunita Kumari Assistant Directorate
46. Rajesh Kumar Assistant Directorate
47. Rahul Sharma Assistant Directorate
48. Mukesh Kumar Assistant Directorate
49. Kusum Lata Assistant Directorate
50. Jagdish Chander Assistant Directorate
51. Gurvir Singh Assistant Directorate
52. Angrej Singh Assistant Directorate
53. Parveen Kumar Assistant Directorate
54. Gurvinder Kaur Statistical Assistant Directorate
55. Pardeep Kumar Statistical Assistant Directorate
56. Vijay Statistical Assistant Directorate
57. Rajesh Computer Directorate
58. Naseeb VLDA Directorate
59. Tannu Rani Jr. Scale Stenographer Directorate
60. Baljeet Singh Steno Typist Directorate
61. Parvesh Steno Typist Directorate
62. Virender Steno Typist Directorate
63. Gurbachan Steno Typist Directorate
65. Poonam Steno Typist Directorate
66. Deepak Kumar Clerk Directorate
67. Des Raj Clerk Directorate
68. Mohinder Pal Clerk Directorate
69. Ravinder Kumar Clerk Directorate
70. Kuldeep Singh Clerk Directorate
71. Monica Kaura Clerk Directorate
72. Dharampal Clerk Directorate
73. Pradeep Clerk Directorate
74. Ashok Kumar Driver Directorate
75. Tarsem Singh Driver Directorate
76. Ranbir Singh Driver Directorate
77. Pawan Kumar Driver Directorate
78. Krishna Chand Driver Directorate
79. Om Kumar Lamba Refrigerator Mechanic Directorate
80. Ram Dular Restorer Directorate
81. Tilak Raj Machine Man Directorate
82. Gurmeet Singh Peon Directorate
83. Jai Ram Peon Directorate
84. Sharda Rani Peon Directorate
85. Nirmal Dass Peon Directorate
86. Man Mohan Singh Peon Directorate
87. Lila Ram Peon Directorate
88. Paramjeet Chowkidar Directorate