Assistance to States for control of animal diseases (ASCAD)

Under this component, assistance is provided by Government of India to State Government for control of economically important diseases of livestock and poultry by way of immunization, strengthening of existing State Veterinary Biological Production Units, strengthening of existing State Disease Diagnostic Laboratories, holding workshops / seminars and in-service training to Veterinarians and Para - veterinarians. The programme is being implemented on 75:25 sharing basis between the centre and state; however, 100% assistance is provided for training and seminar / workshops.

Following programmes are being undertaken in the State under ASCAD Scheme by the department

(a)Immunization cost of Vaccine, Diagnostics etc

A provision of Rs 406.20 lacs is made under the component for the purchase of vaccines, supportive medicines and for the maintenance of cold chain. Out of this amount the share of Govt. of India and the State Govt in the ratio of 75: 25 will be Rs. 304.65 lac and Rs 101.55 lac respectively.

(b)Strengthening of existing Biological Production Unit (Haryana Veterinary Vaccine Institute, Hisar / Disease Diagnostic Laboratories.)

For the strengthening of Haryana Veterinary Vaccine Institute, Hisar and disease diagnostic laboratories, a sum of Rs. 36.00 Lacs is proposed during 2010–11 which will be shared between central and state Govt. on 75: 25 basis.

(c)Training of Veterinary / Para – veterinary staff with the latest technical know how

To acquaint the veterinary and para-veterinary staff with the latest technical know how in the field of veterinary care, management and breeding practices, it is proposed to organize 8 training programmes four each for Vets / Para – vets consisting of 20 trainees in each programme and one workshop / seminar during the financial year 2010–11. A sum of Rs. 15.60 lac is proposed for the year 2010– 11 as 100 % central assistance.

(d)Surveillance, monitoring and forecasting (for disease surveillance, monitoring and publication of bulletins).

For disease surveillance, monitoring and publication of bulletins, a provision of Rs. 5.36 lac is made to be shared between central and state Govt. in the 75: 25 ratio.

Information & Communication Campaign (for organization of district level, block level awareness camps and printing of posters, pamphlets and other literature through print and electronic media).

A sum of 14.56 lac is proposed for the year 2010–11 to be shared between Central and State Govt. in the ratio of 75:25.