Communications related to COVID19
Subject Date of Publication Format Size Language
The Haryana Epidemic Disease, COVID-19 Regulations, 2020 11.03.2020 PDF 2.48MB English
Noval Corona Virus (COVID-19) Guidelines, Govt. of Haryana March 2020 PDF 4.62 MB English
Advisory for all Government offices of all Department to prevent the spread of COVID-19 20.03.2020 PDF 454 KB English
Reg considering Veterinary Services as Essential Service- DO Letter 23.03.2020 PDF 398 KB English
Addendum to Guidelines issued by MHA with order Dated 24.3.2020 24.3.2020 PDF 1.24 MB English
Orders- Designation of Nodal Officers of AH Dept at Dist Level 25.03.2020 PDF 4.43 MB English
COVID-19 and role of Veterinarians- DO Letter 26.03.2020 PDF 2.1 MB English
Additional Charge of DD Faridabad to Dr. Neelam Arya to monitor & provide Animal Health Services in an emergency situation of COVID:19 26.03.2020 PDF 400 KB English
Allowing uninterrupted inter-state movement of feed ingredients for livestock and poultry 26.03.2020 PDF 686 KB English
Clarifications on Transportation of Animal Feed and Fodder 26.03.2020 PDF 102 KB English
Operationalization of food processing plants of animal origin including poultry in the wake of COVID-19 situation 27.03.2020 PDF 5.7 MB English
Appointment of Nodal Officers for respective departments during the LOCKDOWN period 27.03.2020 PDF 698 KB English
Role of veterinarians and para-veterinarians in dealing with vet healthcare during the lockdown 27.03.2020 PDF 50 KB English
Providing animal feed and fodder for livestock and poultry in the state of Haryana 27.03.2020 PDF 674 KB English
Safety and Security of migrant fish workers 28.03.2020 PDF 75 KB English
Consolidated guidelines on measures to be taken for containment of COVID-19 Epidemic 28.03.2020 PDF 715 KB English
Advisory for maintaining cleanliness during the lockdown period 28.03.2020 PDF 570 KB English
Designating of Private Labs for COVID-19 testing in Haryana 29.03.2020 PDF 4.35 MB English
MHA Order - restricting the movement of migrants 29.03.2020 PDF 917 KB English
Regarding Assistance to affected fishers- DO Letter 30.03.2020 PDF 352 KB English
Sale of Eggs, Poultry meat, Meat, and Fish during Lockdown 31.03.2020 PDF 861 KB English
Clarification regarding exemption of specific services- Secretary Home, GOI DO letter 02.04.2020 PDF 104KB English
Clarification on the smooth flow of essential goods and services 03.04.2020 PDF 1.7 MB English
Consolidated Guideline MHA 04.04.2020 04.04.2020 PDF 151 KB English
Minutes of the meeting of Crisis Management Committee 04.04.20 04.04.2020 PDF 3.3MB English
Order regarding Dead Body Management 04.04.2020 PDF 148 KB English
Minutes of the meeting of Crisis Management Committee 05.04.20 05.04.2020 PDF 2.6MB English
Instructions regarding protection from CORONA in upcoming festivals amid COVID-19 06.04.2020 PDF 750KB English
Order regarding Dead Body Management - Roles and responsibilities 06.04.2020 PDF 221KB English
Minutes of the meeting of Crisis Management Committee 06.04.20 06.04.2020 PDF 3.5MB English
Order regarding Dead Body Management - Roles and responsibilities- Rural Area 07.04.2020 PDF 613KB English
Regarding uninterrupted supplies of feed and fodder to Goshalas, Pinjrapoles and Shelter houses- DO Letter 07.04.2020 PDF 372KB English
Minutes of the meeting of Crisis Management Committee 07.04.20 07.04.2020 PDF 3.5MB English
Advisory Regarding COVID-19 07.04.2020 PDF 151 Kb English
Minutes of Meeting of CCC held on 09.04.2020 09.04.2020 PDF 2.30 MB English
MHA Order-Revised Consolidated Guidelines 15.04.2020 PDF 5.15 MB English
Classification of Districts as hotspots and non-hotspots 16.04.2020 PDF 6.81 MB English
Minutes of the CCC Meeting held on 16.04.2020 16.04.2020 PDF 2.23 MB English
Minutes of the meeting of CCC held on 27.04.2020 27.04.2020 PDF 3.12 Mb English
Advisory for Air Conditioners 29.04.2020 PDF 2.70 MB English
Regarding UPI Chalega campaign to enabling contact-less digital payment to prevent the spread of Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) 04.05.2020 PDF 850 KB English
Advisory on feeding the birds and animals during COVID-19 01.06.2020 PDF 1.2 Mb English
Request to not to leave the animal or infict cruelty due to the covid-19 03.06.2020 PDF 1.07 Mb English