Citizen Services provided by the Animal Husbandry & Dairying Department of Haryana

Since long, Animal Husbandry & Dairying Department Haryana have been implementing different programmes and schemes for the benefit of people engaged in livestock rearing occupation. In addition to the major tool of socio-economic development of the society and nation, livestock is also a major tool of human health development. Today per capita milk availability in Haryana is 680 gm per day as compare to 258 gm at national level.

To facilitate the animal breeders different Programmes are being implemented by the department for the development of world famous Livestock of the state which are summarized as under:-

There are 942 Government Vety. Hospitals, 1809 Government Vety. Dispensaries and 4 Polyclinics i.e. 2755 Veterinary Institutions providing veterinary and breeding services for all type of small and large animal/ species of livestock. There by every 3 villages are being covered by one Veterinary Institution in which facilities of health and breeding services are being provided by Veterinary Surgeons / VLDA’s as per timings given below.

From 16 April to 15 October (7.30 A.M. to 2.00 P.M.)

From 16 October to 15 April (8.30 A.M. to 3.00 P.M.)


(i) Institutions will be remain closed on Sunday and gazetted Holidays.

(ii) Emergency Cases are attended 24X7 hours free of cost.

(iii) If diseased animal can not be brought to hospital, then emergency services are provided at farmers’ doorstep but to and fro arrangements to carry the Vety. Surgeon have to be made available by the owner of the animal.

Veterinary Services:-

To keep the states livestock healthy, two types of services are being provided.

(A) Vaccination for Prevention of Diseases.

Healthy animals are vaccinated against various infectious & non infectious diseases. The department is manufacturing/purchasing different vaccines. Vaccination facility is being given free of cost to the farmers.

Sr.No. Name
1. Heamorrhagic Septicaeamia Vaccine. (H.S.)
2. Black Quarter Vaccine. (B.Q.)
3. Sheep Pox Vaccine (S.P.)
4. Enterotoxaemia Vaccine (E.T.V.)
5. P.P.R. Vaccine (in Sheep)
6. Foot & Mouth Disease Vaccine (F.M.D.)
7. Swine Fever Vaccine (S.F.)

Livestock owners can get their animal vaccinated at the nearest Veterinary Hospital/Dispensary.

(B)Treatment of the Sick Animals:-

In addition to veterinary services provided in Hospital and Dispensary, the department organizes Healthcare Camps in different villages. Farmers can have the benefit of these camps and can get their sick animal treated. The medicine are given free of cost in these camps.

Livestock Breeding Services

Artificial Insemination services are being provided using frozen semen of high quality pedigreed bulls at all Veterinary Institution and even at farmers doorstep at subsidized rate of Rs.20 and Rs. 70 respectively. This facility is available 24X7 days in every Veterinary Institution. The breeders are encouraged to keep high Quality Murrah Buffaloes by providing incentives:- Owner of the Murrah Buffaloes yielding more than 25 kg per day is given Rs. 25000/- as incentive.

Between 19kg to 25kg milk yield is given Rs. 15000/- as incentive

Between 16kg to 19kg milk yield is given Rs.10000/- as incentive

Between 13kg to 16kg milk yield is given Rs. 5000/- as incentive

Milk recording is done by a committee of departmental officers. If a village have 50 or more Buffaloes are selected than that village is designated as “Adarsh Murrah Village” and “Murrah Breeding Association” is constituted in the village. An incentive of Rs.5.00 lac is provided to the association by the State Government. Good quality male calves of these recorded Murrah Buffaloes between the age of 12-15 months are purchased by the department and after intensive rearing them good quality bulls are supplied to village Panchayats for natural breeding at a subsidized rate of Rs. 2000/-.

Animal Insurance Scheme

There is provision of animal Insurance scheme in the State under which milch animals are being insured. 75% of subsidy on the insurance premium is granted by the State government. All the animals kept by the Scheduled Caste families are insured free of cost and full premium is borne by the Government.

In Natural Calamity

In order to prevent the spread of diseases during natural calamities Government makes the provisions of special fund for the purchase of medicine and other items. The Department constitutes special teams, which works round the clock and provide 24 hour services.

Dairy Development Scheme

In order to generate self employment for unemployed rural youth the department helps the establishment of 20 milch animals dairy unit from various financial institutions. Literate/ illiterate rural / urban, unemployed youth are eligible for this scheme. All milch animals are insured and 75% of insurance premium is born by the Government while 25% by the beneficiaries. An amount of 15% of the unit cost of the established dairy unit is provided by the Government, as a subsidy. In order to avail benefit of this scheme the applicants may contact Deputy Director at district level / Subdivisional Officer at subdivision level / Veterinary Surgeon at Government Veterinary Hospital / VLDA at Govt. Vety. Dispensary. The beneficiaries are expected to take three days training about high Hi-tech Dairy after that have to apply to the department for onwards sponsoring to the financial institutions.

Milk and Milk Product Order 1992

Under MMPO 1992, the Milk Plant handling the milk and milk products more than 10,000 liter per day are required to be registered. The milk plant / chilling centre handling upto 2 Lac liters per day or 10,000 M.T. solid milk per day are to be registered with State registering Authority and units handling more than 10,000 M.T. milk / milk products per day are to be registered with Central registering authority at the Government of India level. There is provision of issue of registration certificate within 45 days after the receipt of complete set of documents containing all relevant information. No milk unit in the State can deal in milk and milk product without the registration and it is mandatory for each unit to follow the provisions of MMPO 1992.

Cattle Feed Ordinance 1999

The Cattle feed ordinance have come into force. Since 4th November 1999 in the state . Under this act no manufacturer/ dealer is allowed to manufacture, sell and supply the concentrate Cattle feed supplement or mineral mixture without registration license. The firm engaged in manufacture/ distribution/ selling are to be registered with the State Government, by depositing the required fees (in the Head Dairying 0404) along with the application form to be submitted through the Deputy Director Animal Husbandry of the concerned district to the registration authority. The detail of registration / renewal fee for three years is given below.

S.No Fees for Registration Renewal Fees Fees for Providing Duplicate Copy of the Registration Certificate
1. For Manufacturing Unit. Rs. 1000/- Rs.500/- Rs.50/-
2. For Selling / Distribution units. Rs. 500/- Rs.250/- Rs.50/-

The dealing firm should apply for renewal of registration license one month prior to the expiry of the registration along with forms and fees to the registering authority. The forms and application related to dairy development scheme are available at department website.

Schemes and Programmes of the Department
1. Foot & Mouth Disease control programme will be continued in the 11th five years plan and is fully sponsored by Central Government
2. Women awareness Camps-Sponsored by Haryana Livestock Development Board.
3. Organization of Calf rally-It is an integrated programme sponsored by Haryana Livestock Development Board
4. Scheme Sponsored by Government of India under by RKVY Scheme.
a) Organization of Infertility Management Camp
b) Artificial Insemination under PPP by JK Trust
c) Training of Farmers, Technical Staffs and study tour and awarding prizes quality Livestock owner
d) Fees supplementation for Calf rearing for SC family.
e) Special Programme for Dairy Development
5. Animal Insurance Scheme- Sponsored by State and Government of India.
6. Self Employment Scheme for Scheduled Caste Families.
a) Two milch animal
b) Pig rearing Scheme
c) Sheep rearing Scheme
7. Self Employment Scheme- Hi-Tech Dairy Scheme (20 milch animals schemes) Sponsored by State Government
8. Integrated Murrah Development Project-Sponsored by Haryana Livestock Development Board

For any enquiry or detailed information the concerned Veterinary Surgeon/ Sub Divisional Officer / Deputy Director of the Department may be contacted. Any information regarding Animal Husbandry can be sought from the information counter at Directorate and District level office. The livestock owner may contact the Deputy Directors at District Headquarter and Dr. Sadhu Ram Sharma, Joint Director (AB), Animal Husbandry & Dairying Department, Haryana, Pashudhan Bhawan, Sector-2, Panchkula. For redressal of complaint and suggestion at Directorate & District

(a) Officers At Headquater and their Telephone Numbers

SN Officer Name Office Address Tel. No.
1. Director General, Animal Husbandry - Dairying, Haryana Bays No. 9-12 Pasghudhan Bhawan, Sector-2, Panchkula Fax 0172-2574662
2. Joint Director (Administration)/CCFST -do- 0172-2574664
3. Joint Director (Animal Breeding) -do- 0172-2574664
4. Joint Director (Planning) -do- 0172-2574664
5. Credit Development Officer -do- 0172-2574664
6. Poultry Development Officer -do- 0172-2574664
7. Gaushala Development Officer -do- 0172-2574664
8. Deputy Director (Animal welfare) -do- 0172-2574664
9. Deputy Director (Veterinary Education - Training) -do- 0172-2574664
10. Gaushala Development Officer -do- 0172-2574664

(b) State Level Officers other than Directorate

SN Post of Officer
1. Chief supdt., Govt.Livestock Farm, Hisar
2. Principal,Haryana Veterinary Training Institute, Hisar
3. Institute Director, Haryana Veterinary Vaccine Institute, Hisar
4. Deputy Director, Sheep Breeding Farm
5. Deputy Director, Wool Grading
6. Sector superintendent-1, State Cattle Breeding Project
7. Sector superintendent-2, State Cattle Breeding Project
8. Sector superintendent-3, State Cattle Breeding Project

(c) Field Officers Address & Phone Number

SN Officer Name Office Address Tel. No.
1. Chief superintendent Govt. Livestock Farm, Hisar 01662-225728
2. Project Director Equine Production Centre, Hisar 01662-270580
3. Deputy Director Animal Husbandry & Dairying, Hisar 01662-225819
4. Deputy Director Haryana Veterinary Vaccine Institute, Hisar 01662-237093
5. Sector Superintendent-2 State Cattle Breeding Project, Hisar 01662-275865
6. Deputy Director Intensive Cattle Development Project, Ambala 0171-2530613
7. Deputy Director Intensive Cattle Development Project, Karnal 0184-2267644
8. Deputy Director Intensive Cattle Development Project, Kurukshetra 01744-220216
9. Deputy Director Intensive Cattle Development Project, Jind 01681-245229
10. Deputy Director Intensive Cattle Development Project, Bhiwani 01664-242593
11. Deputy Director Intensive Cattle Development Project, Gurgaon 0124-2202115
12. Deputy Director Intensive Cattle Development Project, Sirsa 01666-245007
13. Deputy Director Animal Husbandry & Dairying, Kaithal 01746-225075
14. Deputy Director Animal Husbandry & Dairying, Panchkula 0172-2572916
15. Deputy Director Animal Husbandry & Dairying, Panipat 0180-2638524
16. Deputy Director Animal Husbandry & Dairying, Jhajjar 01251-257067
17. Deputy Director Animal Husbandry & Dairying, Faridabad 0129-2421558
18. Deputy Director Animal Husbandry & Dairying, Narnaul 01282-250221
19. Deputy Director Animal Husbandry & Dairying, Rewari 01274-225936
20. Deputy Director Animal Husbandry & Dairying, Yamunanagar 01732-242891
21. Deputy Director Animal Husbandry & Dairying, Fatehabad 01667-224642
22. Deputy Director Animal Husbandry & Dairying, Rohtak 01262-276439, 276869
23. Deputy Director Animal Husbandry & Dairying, Palwal 01275-245632
24. Deputy Director Animal Husbandry & Dairying, Mewat 01267 244277
25. Deputy Director Animal Husbandry & Dairying, Sonipat 0130 2220170