Foot & Mouth Control Programme

To prevent economic losses due to Foot & Mouth Disease and to develop herd immunity in cloven-footed animals, Govt. of India is implementing Foot & Mouth Disease Control Programme in 54 specified districts of the country with 100% central funding as cost of vaccine, maintenance of cold chain and other logistic support to undertake vaccination in the first phase. The State Governments are providing other infrastructure and manpower

In Haryana, which is a part of north zone, this programme has been implemented in 8 districts namely Bhiwani, Fatehbad, Hisar, Jhajjar, Jind, Rohtak, Sirsa and Sonipat. This being a 100% Centrally sponsored scheme, the Government of India, bears the entire expenditure incurred under this programme for vaccination of livestock like cattle, buffaloes, pigs, sheep and goats etc.