Bird Flu virus or H5N1 virus is spreading very fast across the whole world. The deadly strain of avian influenza, or bird flue, has claimed nearly 100 lives in Asia and has migrated into parts of Africa, the Middle East and Europe.The disease is highly infectious in birds but does not, so far, spread easily between humans. The fear is it could soon mutate into a form that can. Rapid elimination of the H5N1 virus among infected birds and other animals is essential to preventing a major outbreak.


The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that infected flocks of chickens and other birds be killed in order to help prevent further and reduce possibility of human infection. However, strict safety measures must be taken to prevent exposure of the virus among workers involved in culling.

"Haryana State is free from Bird Flu. However, keeping in view the spreading of the disease very fast across the world, adequate measures have been initiated. The department has organized conferences on Avian Influenza at all the four divisional headquarters on dated 4/8/06 & 9/8/06. Senior officers from the district administration, Animal Husbandry & Dairying Department, and other line departments like Forest, Health, PWD (B&R), Public Health, Local Bodies etc. & Poultry breeders of concerned districts participated in these conferences. There is no reason to be scare of the disease and state is fully prepared for undertaking the control & containment operations.


Haryana is following the action plan prepared by Government of India for State Animal Husbandry Departments for the prevention of this highly infectious disease. For detailed Action Plan prepared by Department of Animal Husbandry & Dairying, Government of India, its website can be logged on.

Migratory Birds


Facts about Poultry Sector

  • Contributes 9% of the total G.D.P.
  • Poultry contributes 34% of the Agricultural (AH) G.D.P.
  • India amongst the 5 Top producers of eggs.
  • 6th Top producer of broilers valued at over Rs. 10,000/- crores
  • 70% rural employments in Livestock sector

Poultry Status in the State

  • Poultry Population - 197.00 lac
  • Large Commercial Poultry farms (above 2.00 lac birds) - 6
  • Medium Commercial Poultry farms (above 0.20 lac birds) - 224
  • Small Commercial Poultry farms (below 0.20 lac birds) 1730
    Identified water bodies
    • Sultanpur (Gurgaon) – 1.5 Sq. km.
    • Bhindawas (Jhajjar) - 4.5 Sq. km.
  • 70% rural employments in Livestock sector
  • Hatcheries - 105 (Only two in Govt. Sector)
  • Backyard poultry mainly confined to Distt. Gurgaon & Mewat

Facts ?

  • 90% of human diseases in the last forty years have had their origin in zoonosis.
  • Animal Health should be seen more as an integral dimension of Human Health.
  • Animal health is an under-financed sector.
  • Investments and manpower in animal health require urgent national and state level review.

Avian Influenza -H5N1 Strain

  • Viral disease caused by a RNA virus
  • Zoonotic
  • Mild to acute. Fatal in Chicken, Turkey, Guinea Fowl & Migratory Fowl.
  • Highly pathogenic in human resulting in fatality

KEY:Contain disease at source i.e. the bird

  • Step1: Surveillance Both AH and Forests; differentiate between unusual and normal incidence of mortality: proper dispatch of samples
  • Step 2: Preparedness if there is outbreak GOI checklist: RRT, PPE, DC, HR, etc.
  • Step 3: Activation in Suspicion stage Positioned to start operations next day.
  • Step 4: Conduct operations efficiently Cull, clean. Surveillance

Role of different departments in control and Containment of Avian Influenza

District Administration

  • Central coordinating role for various operations
  • Movement control, ban on sale of poultry and related products
  • Maintaining supply lines for equipments etc.
  • Enforcement of legislative frame work to enforce restrictions
  • Quarantine, closure of shops, compensation

Animal Husbandry & Dairying

  • Surveillance
  • Information, education & communication (IEC)
  • Technical input in control & containment
  • Survey of poultry farms
  • Procurement of PPEs
  • Inter departmental co-ordination


  • Surveillance
  • Information, education & communication (IEC)
  • Technical input in control & containment
  • Survey of affected/effected population
  • Procurement of necessary drugs including Tamiflu


  • Surveillance
  • Information, education & communication (IEC)
  • Technical input in control & containment
  • Survey of water bodies


  • Restrictions on movement of vehicles, workforce
  • Enforcement of Administrative orders and regulations
  • Maintenance of law & orders

Local Bodies/ Panchayats

  • Arrangement of labour & material
  • Information, education & communication (IEC)
  • Assistance in control & containment operations
  • Arrangement for machinery/ cleaning equipments
  • Lodging arrangements of RRT’s in affected area


  • Arrangement of JCBs
  • Arrangement of lime & material for sanitation
  • Assistance in post operative sanitization programmes

Public Health

  • Arrangement of JCBs
  • Arrangement of water supply
  • Assistance in post operative sanitization programmes.