MANUALS 1 - 17 (4)

iv. the norms set by it for the discharge of its functions:

The State Government has fixed specific periods for the disposal of the different matters, which are being followed by the department. Block level veterinary hospitals are providing round the clock emergency veterinary services. The field staff launches the publicity campaign in time bound manner according to calendar of activities set by the department for the particular financial year.

Calendar of activities are as under:-

Sr.No. Month Activities Calendered
1. April H. S. Mass Vaccination
Planning for the year and review of previous year.
2. May Campaign of A.I. in cows.
Sheep Deworming Camps.
Extertoxemia Vaccination of Sheep.
3. June Holding of Animal Husbandry Officers Workshop.
Holding of Dairy Trainings for Dairy entrepreneurs.
Sheep Pox Vaccination.
4. July Holding of Animal Health Care Camps.
PPR Vaccination in Sheep.
5. August Holding of Calf Rallies
PPR Vaccination in Sheep.
6. Sept Identification of Murrah Buffaloes through Performance Recording.
Campaign of State Livestock Insurance
Establishment of Dairy Units.
Machine Shearing training to Shepherds.
7. Oct Holding of Infertility Management Camps.
Mass FMD Vaccination :- 4th round under FMD-CP & 3rd round under ASCAD.
Fodder Seed Distribution(Rabi)
8. Nov Purchase of Male Calves of recorded animals.
Women Awareness Camps.
Organization of Dairy Loan Melas.
9. Dec 2nd round of Mass H.S. Vaccination.
Farmer’s Orientation Programmes.
Training in Sheep Husbandry of Shepherds.
10. Jan Training of Vets / Para Vets & Conferences.
Organization of Dairy Loan Melas.
11. Feb Livestock Show.
Fodder Seed Distribution ( Kharif )
12. March Budget Review and Filling up of the gaps.