ii. the powers and duties of its officers and employees:

This information is placed in as under:-

Director General, Animal Husbandry, Haryana

As Head of Department, he is vested with the general control and direction of Government Livestock Farm, Hisar, Breeding Projects, Veterinary Institutions, Vaccine Institute, Disease Control, Development of Poultry, Piggery and Sheep and all other activities under the Animal Husbandry Department.

  1. General Policy of the Department
  2. Expansion of the Department
  3. Recruitment of both Gazetted and Non Gazetted staff
  4. Appointments, promotions, dismissals, suspensions, transfers etc. of members of the Gazetted and Non Gazetted staff
  5. Prevention and control of livestock and poultry diseases
  6. Improvement of livestock
  7. Gaushala Development work
  8. Holding of State and Regional Livestock Show
  9. Grants to local bodies for incurring expenditure on matters concerning the Animal Husbandry Department.
  10. Extension & Publicity of the work of the Department
  11. Publication of leaflets, bulletins etc. on professional subjects and Department circulars on administrative matters.
  12. New Scheme about projects finalization at State & Govt. Of India Level

In dealing with these subjects the Director General, Animal Husbandry, communicates directly with the Financial Commissioner, Development, Deputy Commissioners local bodies or any other body or individual concerned. He is also authorized to dispose of appeals and to exercise all the powers of an appellate authority, except in which the appeal is preferred against an order passed by him in his capacity as Director General, Animal Husbandry. The Director General is vested with the general control of existing Veterinary hospitals and dispensaries in the State and the opening of new Veterinary Hospitals and Dispensaries at places approved by Govt. He also makes recommendations to Govt. to meet in deserving cases, in part, or in whole, the cost of new building of new buildings, which are constructed according to the standard plan.


  1. To assist the Head of Department for the execution of various technical programmes sponsored by Government of India, State Government and other day-to-day activities as assigned from time to time.
  2. To guide the officers subordinate to him in the light of policy decisions for all the activities of the Department.
  3. To attend the monthly meetings of Veterinary Surgeons in the District allotted to him by the Head of the Department and solve their problems at the spot and will apprise to the Head of the Department.
  4. To Review all the activities of the Department and achievements in the District
  5. To ensure perfect coordination between the Deputy Director of the Districts and Headquarters regarding the field demands and inputs
  6. To ensure regular monthly quarterly reports and returns from the field and achievements of the target allotted to the District
  7. Inquiries of the complaints allotted by the Head of the Department
  8. To assist in monitoring of special Programme along with routine planning and budget work
  9. To perform all other duties assigned to him by Head of the Department
  10. His jurisdiction will be State of Haryana.
  11. Formation of State Centrally sponsored scheme annually, for 5-year plan period arranging credit, revalidation for the schemes and monitoring thereof


  1. Formulation of State/Central Sponsored Scheme annually for Five Year Plan periods, arranging credit, revalidation for the schemes & monitoring there-of.
  2. To Monitoring of special programmes, DPAP, Desert Development Programme and Credit Planning etc
  3. To supervise the work of officers working under Schemes Calf Rearing, Poultry, Sheep & Piggery projects
  4. To recommend schemes under the five year plan for consideration of Director
  5. To assist the Director General, Animal Husbandry on technical matters and to relieve him from the pressure of routine table work
  6. To attend meetings of the technical importance & offer opinion in the technical subjects concerning this Department
  7. Routine planning & Plan Budget works

Sub Divisional Officer (Animal Husbandry)

  1. To work as drawing & disbursing officer for the sub division assigned to him
  2. To approve the tour programme of the staff working under him. He should however, supply a copy of the approved tour programme to the Deputy Director concerned
  3. To sanction casual leave to the staff working under him
  4. The Sub Divisional Officer will be responsible for all the departmental activities / schemes functioning in his Sub Division.


  1. Semen Collection, distribution and its freezing and storage in case of frozen semen
  2. Maintenance of Laboratory
  3. Feeding and Management of Bulls and control of the staff posted under him
  4. Production of Feed and Fodder
  5. Collection and analysis of data regarding the use of frozen semen of individual Bull
  6. Publicity and propaganda regarding the Artificial Insemination
  7. Training and extension regarding frozen semen
  8. Organization of sterility camps
  9. To assist the Deputy Director, Intensive Cattle Development Project regarding breeding work in the project and suggest improvement
  10. Maintains ample stock of Liquid Nitrogen and semen to meet field needs


  1. Treatment of indoor and out-door cases, attending the Veterinary Hospital
  2. Ante & Post-Mortem examination of livestock slaughtered at the local slaughter house, when the Municipal Committee have not the necessary staff
  3. Control of contagious diseases amongst livestock
  4. Castration of unsuitable male livestock in the ilaqa
  5. Livestock Breeding
  6. Propaganda work relating to livestock breeding feeding and management
  7. Insurance work of Livestock
  8. Identification of high Milk Producer Murrah Buffaloes & their male calves
  9. To organize health care camps, Sterility camps and deworming camps


  1. Appointment Place:- Government Veterinary Hospital of Block Level
  2. Jurisdiction:- All villages of the concerned block
  3. Main Duties:- Extension and publicity of departmental schemes and programmes
  4. Job Chart:
    1. To follow instructions of the concerned Vety. Surgeon regarding Animal Health and Breeding Activities.
    2. To supervise the record keeping of vaccination work of the block to make it effective and realistic
    3. To supervise the record of work of Artificial Insemination in the vety institutes of the block and to give recommendations and comments to the concerned V.S’s and SDO(AH) to make it effective / realistic
    4. To supervise Govt. Vety. Hospitals of the block to ensure proper maintenance of the records under Govt. Instructions
    5. To work for proper distribution and utilization of departmental publicity material
    6. Publicity of departmental schemes / programmes and to assist in management of its implementation
    7. To report the progress and follow up of minikits fodder seeds to the concerned Veterinary Surgeon
    8. To collect application forms of unemployed youths of the area for Self Employment Schemes and to forward these to the concerned Vety. Surgeon for necessary action
    9. To assist Vety. Surgeons in special livestock breeding to make it effective
    10. To organise departmental exhibitions in Kisan Melas and Livestock Shows